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Very effective treatment for weakened and damaged nails after semi-permanent and artificial. No harmful chemicals.

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Spell Cosmetics offers you the ideal treatment for weak and damaged nails that break easily. Effective treatment for reconstruction of very weakened and damaged nails. Hardens and cares for damaged nails, while helping their rapid growth. Makes weak nails stronger and healthier in depth, as it does not contain toxic substances , such as formaldehyde and toluene.

Makes their surface smoother and effectively fights peeling, preventing nail breakage.

Ideal for very weak nails that have suffered and weakened from frequent use after technical applications, semi-permanent manicure and artificial nails with gel and acrylic. Contains Diamond Powder that helps strengthen and protect nails.

Choose the top Express Hardener nail scrub treatment from Spell Cosmetics only!

Does not contain Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Parabens, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP), E-series Glycol ether, Bisphenol A, Tosylamide, Di (propylheptyl) orthophthalate (DPHP).

All Spell Cosmetics products are certified by PETA. It is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free. It is not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

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