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We love beauty, gorgeous packaging, seductive perfumes, bright colours, enjoying a delicious cup of tea in a calm space while reading a book and smelling a scented soy candle. The list of our favourite things is endless! It includes products that bring out our style, we connect with and they enrich our everyday moments turning routine into a ritual

KISS ME, STUPID is exactly this! Now is the moment to indulge into small treats, to pamper yourself, to feel beautiful and special. No preparation is necessary in order to become the best version of yourself, nor do you need to wait for Prince Charming to make the first move!

If you are looking for vegan and vegan-friendly products, reusable and low waste packaging, premium products and you adjust the latest beauty trends to your own personal style, then you are a KISS ME, STUPID girl!

Explore our boutique gift corner to discover your new favorite products. You may find nail polish suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding, vegan and paraben-free makeup, body care products with organic olive oil, beauty face masks, jewelry and accessories, scented soy candles, room and fabric fragrances, and of course our handpicked tea collection. We offer personalized product suggestions in line with your own taste and of course, we create amazing gift boxes to surprise your loved ones on their special occasions!

Visit our store and enjoy our best seller beauty services. We shape your eyebrows and we share our pro styling tips. We introduce you to the latest brow treatment brow lamination (a.k.a brow lift) that offers amazing natural thick, boho and fluffy eyebrows. Combine beautifully shaped eyebrows with long, curly, and naturally enhanced eyelashes the way only lash lift offers. Book a make up appointment and enjoy a reviving makeover. Make up isn’t your strongest skill? Book a make up coaching appointment and learn which colors to choose and which techniques to use so that you never have another bad make up day! All our services are designed to fit you like a glove since they combine expertise, professionalism, aesthetics, and care. Looking forward to seeing your photo at. #makenowwow


Why choose us

We insist in offering personal, quality service in every appointment and purchase.

KISS ME, STUPID is talk of the town since 2017 regarding beauty services, personal service, good taste and care. You definitely have a friend that trusted us to treat her eyebrows, lashes, do her make or has discovered a brand that she adored. No? Here is another reason to visit us and be the one that discovers girl gang’s new beauty & shopping spot!

Let’s meet

My name is Elpida Rodinou.

Beauty and style are my everyday routine. However, this wasn’t always the case. I can explain!

I studied accounting and started to work in the marine industry. When my employer, a well esteemed marine solicitor said “She is actually a pretty girl in spite of all the silliness”, I thought ok…maybe I don’t look like an accountant. When my next employer in marine insurance said “She has unprofessional hair” after having promoted me to Financial Director of his company, I thought ok…. I definitely don’t look like an accountant. I was in an endless search for my call. took scenography and jewelry design classes and studied to become pilates instructor. Still, I did not feel satisfied.

What remains the same throughout the years? I love flowers, plants, colors, smiles, pampering, drinking tea, the expression of personal style (no matter what) and everything that is aesthetically beautiful.

I believe that beauty can improve the way we live. Aesthetics are vital, a secluded shelter away from a dull routine. Yes, I’m a dreamer! Quality is an investment that pays off every time. Enthusiastically I create a world where objects and experience that make you feel good co-exist and enable me to express my feelings and my thoughts. Feel good is an essential state. Quality choices focused on being friendly and having low environmental impact create a calm and balanced living.

I left a ten year career in shipping and accounting to create a new colourful world. There we do eyebrow, eyelash, and makeup services together. I give you beauty tips while we enjoy organic tea. With devotion and after filtering the latest beauty trends through my personal aesthetics, I create contemporary beauty looks that intend to enhance each woman’s uniqueness and natural beauty.

Here, I share my thoughts regarding beauty and after extensive market research, I offer you the top quality products in their category.

Enjoy browsing!

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