Aromatherapy Devices
The device for aromatherapy and ultrasonic diffuser is a high-tech, innovative, quality and efficient diffuser of essential oils with ultrasound technology and alternating lighting. It is the most natural way to perfume your space using pure essential oils, which create a healthy and pleasant environment. Essential oils refresh the atmosphere in the room, and improve the mood. They remove tension and spiritual fatigue, giving calm and serenity. Ideal for aromatherapy. With ultrasonic technology that does not heat the space Aromatizes the environment with the desired aromas that diffuses in the form of fog in a continuous or intermittent manner. As a humidifier, it improves air quality, with many health benefits. Moisturizes the skin, relieves respiratory problems, helps you breathe better and helps with colds. Helps regulate humidity in the room and is ideal for use indoors with heating or air conditioners that dry the atmosphere.
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