Evening makeup

We bring out your most beautiful self by suggesting the right makeup for every occasion.

We curate your appearance, guided by your personal style, so that the overall image suits you and the style flatters you.

We use top professional products according to skin type. We choose colors based on skin tone so that you have a flawless and radiant look for social morning or evening occasions.

Our evening makeup service is the one for you when you whish to be impressive on the day you will be a maid of honor or attend a wedding. We make sure that you look beautiful at the christening of the new family member, or at the long awaited memorable graduation day.

We create the right look that will express you true self at every professional or social event.

bridal makeup

You only marry once! Together we create your image for this special moment.

With years of experience, knowledge and top professional products, we make sure that on your wedding day you are the best, stunning version of yourself.

We suggest makeup styles that bring out your face and highlight your features. In the bridal makeup trial we review the style of the wedding, the wedding gown and the decoration.

We adjust and create the look accordingly so that your overall appearance is you. So let’s give you the perfect bridal look!

In your own words

Fashion & productions

Whatever your creative vision might be, we design and implement the right makeup to bring it to life.

Make-up for video clips, advertising spots, eshops, fashion shoots and high-end events are provided upon consultation.

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We highlight your most beautiful self by suggesting the right makeup for every occasion.

Flawless and glamourous looks in social morning or evening appearances.

Unique and outstanding looks in your most special occasions, wedding and christening.

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