Little Secrets Bitter White Peach Home Spray


With a lavender scent that soothes stress and helps with insomnia.

Spray the pillow, bedding and all fabrics for a great feeling of cleanliness and freshness.


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Ηome spray Bitter White Peach της Little Secrets 250ml. Perfume spray for clothes, fabrics and space.

Little Secrets Bitter White Peach scented home spray beautifully scents any environment and refreshes the atmosphere. It is ideal to freshen your fabrics and make them smell clean.

Top notes of white peach flesh, fruity body of mandarin blossom, luxurious spicy notes of cardamom and sunflower in the middle of the aromatic pyramid, while sandalwood and jasmine give a perfect elegance. The addictive power of Bitter White Peach is prolonged by the aromatic explosion of vanilla and tonka beans at its base.

Give your home the enchanting scent of Bitter White Peach and enjoy an authentic aromatherapy experience. A special perfumed Spray made to perfume the cushions, curtains, carpets, sofas, sheets without staining or oily. Spray your pillow, sheets, clothes and wardrobe for a great sense of cleanliness. It can be used during the ironing. Use it as a general air freshener and spray it around the room. Keep it with you and in the car and spray the car covers.

Little Secrets is a Greek brand. It offers natural, healthy, Greek room fragrances without alcohol, chemicals, artificial fragrances and aerosols.

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