Glass candle bell with wooden base Cereria Molla 1899


An elegant way to protect your candle when you do not have it lit. At the same time it beautifies your space while when the glass bell is raised you enjoy the aroma of the candle that is trapped inside it.

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Glass candle bell with wooden base Cereria Molla 1899. The perfect way to decorate your candles. It is a special, classic and careful decorative proposal to add to your space. In combination with our handmade aromatic candles from 100% soy, it creates an impressive decoration for every corner of your space. It is a special and original gift for your loved ones. The bell is suitable to keep the candle clean from dust and other contaminants, to ensure proper combustion.

Made of glass with wooden base in dark brown color.

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Dimensions 14.5 × 21 cm