the feel good of November

November’s Feel Good

November is a relatively transitional month from which there are no particular expectations. It is between autumn and winter without holidays and a little undefined.

KISS ME, STUPID girls are not afraid! Here’s what will lift your spirits and make this November a little more enjoyable:

1. Read a book, as we say in my village. But not so plain, make a little atmosphere. Choose the fragrant soy candle with aroma Bergamotto Di Calabria by Cereria Molla. In its aroma, the lively freshness of Bergamot from Calabria, Italy is combined with the warmth of sandalwood. It will renew the mood and atmosphere of your space at the moment and will ensure you 50 hours of continuous burning.


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Tip: The first time you light it, make sure it burns for at least 2 hours so that your candle burns evenly until the end.

2. Tea is our friend! If you declare yourself a tea addict, you do very well, as our favorite drink is a healthier and more enjoyable substitute for coffee. Here I have options for every hour of the day.

Start your day with Belgian chocolate based on black tea and give yourself an energy boost.

Continue with Roasted almond in the afternoon when you want “something sweet”. Based on rooibos tea, white chocolate hearts and caramelized almonds, it is the ultimate ally for chocolate resisters in the office drawer.


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Time for relaxation and hustle. Be quite is an herbal, 100% caffeine free tea to help you sleep like a bird.

Tip: Adjust the water temperature and the amount of tea depending on the type of tea for a rich, full flavor.

3. Me time! The skin of your face is quite hydrated or < gouh gouh> do not you put cream every day? The bio-cellulite anti-aging mask with 6 actions and gold by Inuwet will make your face glow after just 20΄.

Tip: Massage the serum on the package and on the neck. For very dry skin you can not rinse the serum as soon as you remove the mask, but leave it a little longer.

#MakeNowWow with renewal and wellness in November too!



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