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Suggestions to get you in autumn mood

We welcome autumn and start the new season dynamically We spend more time at home which we want to be pretty and smell nice. Space freshen up is behove. Room fragrances lift the mood and improve everyday life. They refresh the atmosphere at home and make it warm and welcoming. With their elegance, they decorate our space and create intimacy by adding a personal touch.

Add sachets of scented pumice stones

When rearanging the closet, don’t just stay tiddy up, but also add some fragrance. The smell of cleanliness will fill the room when you open it, while clothes and beddings will be subtly scented.

Place a fragrance diffuser with sticks in the bathroom

The ultimate feeling of 5-star hotel luxury is the smell of cleanliness. A beautifully scented bathroom helps you feel elegant when you’re getting ready for your outings, whether it’s for work or for a relaxing drink.

Enjoy a tv series accompanied by a scented candle

You sit comfortably on the couch. You watch your favorite series and enjoy a glass of wine. The only thing that can make this moment better is the sweet smell of the scented candle. The ideal company for the moments of relaxation at home after a long day, which you so much deserve.

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Instant mood boost

What’s better than coming home, the place of peace and tranquility? Place an essential oil diffuser (aka ultrasonic diffuser) near the entrance. Press the function button as soon as you enter the house. The relaxing sound and aroma that spreads evenly throughout the space instantly tunes you into the moment. The hard part of the day is over. This is your time to enjoy however you prefer.

Sweet dreams

If you too find it difficult to sleep at night, then spray the pillow with lavender scented spray. The smell of lavender predisposes to relaxation and removes the tension of the day. The motion of the spray itself when done in repetition instructs the mind that it is time to sleep.
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