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Black tea with hazelnut pieces, cocoa pieces and cocoa shell. For lovers of strong flavors.

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Black tea with hazelnut & cocoa, belgian chocolate! The hazelnut & cocoa pieces as well as the cocoa shell give the tea a seductive taste.

Black tea is perhaps the most famous tea for us Greeks. Produced when withered tea leaves are folded and left to oxidize naturally (corresponding to an apple that changes color when exposed to air). Oxidation darkens the leaves and develops the color flavor. When the time is right, the tea dries to stop the oxidation process and retain its characteristics. The result is a drink with strong elements ideal for breakfast as it contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee of a similar size. It can be consumed hot or cold and combined with sugar, milk or lemon.

In a metal package with an inner safety lid to keep your tea fresh and its taste unchanged for a longer period. Its elegant metal packaging makes it an ideal gift idea.

Caffeine level: high

Net weight: 100gr


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 cm


Caffeine Level


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