Nourishing transparent mascara Fashion lash fix InLei


Transparent gel mascara for protection and nourishment of natural lashes and eyebrows. Product suitable for everyday use.

It is applied externally to the natural lashes or eyebrow hairs and improves their natural curvature, while at the same time separating them, highlighting their density.

Tip: Recommended for use after lash lift and brow lamination to maintain the result.

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Nourishing and strengthening mascara, eyelashes and eyebrows Fashion lash fix by Inlei.

Contains the luminous ingredient “luminescine” from the plant mulberry (verbasco) giving extra shine and vitality. The luminosity properties of the ingredient “luminescine” are obtained through an innovative technology, patented by the University of Bologna.

Its gel composition creates a protective layer on the hair from UV radiation, mascara and makeup products. In addition it makes the hair soft and silky. For daily use as a base for mascara before makeup or on its own as a treatment.


Aloe, castor oil and panthenol as basic ingredients of Fashion lash fix mascara improve the structure of the hair, nourish and moisturize thanks to their strong nourishing, moisturizing and emollient properties.


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