Aromatic stones for wardrobes and drawers Talc & musk Misa


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Aromatic stones ideal for wardrobes and drawers from Misa Greece. They have a mild talc & musk scent and make the closets smell irresistible while absorbing moisture.

The timeless baby perfume talc & musk is rightly number one in your preferences.

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The aromatic stones for drawers and cupboards of Misa Greece in the form of pumice, are immersed in pure essential oils, absorb the aroma and then diffuse it into the space. They discreetly scent closets and drawers, while at the same time absorbing moisture.

All perfumes used in Misa Greece products are IFRA certified and made in Italy.

For an unsurpassed feeling of luxury and freshness in clothes and bedding, combine them with the Aromatic fabric spray Pillow mist talc & musk

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