Reed diffuser Rasberry & Black Vanilla Cereria Molla 1899


In Rasberry & Black Vanilla reed diffuser, the sweet combination of vanilla and raspberry will excite you! Thanks to the mixture of aromatic and herbal ingredients, it has a long duration and perfumes your space for many weeks.
In an elegant glass diffuser cream that beautifies every corner of the home or office.

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the sweet combination of vanilla and raspberry in Rasberry & Black Vanilla room frargance will excite you! A rich and luxurious perfume from the Boutique collection of the Spanish house.

In an elegant glass cream diffuser and luxurious packaging is an ideal proposal for a gift to your loved ones.
Turn any space into a welcoming, intimate place with the right aroma and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere for an undisturbed rest. Find what characterizes your style. Give your own energy to the space, set your mood, raise your psychology and be renewed with unique perfumes.

Accompanied by 12 sticks.

Duration: 2-3 months
This duration may vary depending on the temperature or humidity conditions of the room.

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Weight 405 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 26 cm


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