Little Secrets Amber Home Diffuser


With a lavender scent that soothes stress and helps with insomnia.

Spray the pillow, bedding and all fabrics for a great feeling of cleanliness and freshness.


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Little Secrets Amber Home Diffuser 100ml. Air freshener with a stick.

Eco-friendly air freshener, without alcohol, lasting more than 2.5 months, in a glass container with six sticks innovatively designed for high efficiency of aroma diffusion.

Woody and sensual amber with notes of lemon, citrus, with top notes of sunflower and violet and finishes with notes of vetiver, sandalwood, musk and vanilla.

Turn any space into a welcoming, intimate place with the right aroma and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere for an undisturbed rest. Find what characterizes your style. Give your own energy to the space, set your mood, raise your psychology and be renewed with unique perfumes.

Little Secrets is a Greek brand. It offers natural, healthy, Greek room fragrances without alcohol, chemicals, artificial fragrances.

How to use

Place the sticks in the bottle.

The intensity of the perfume depends on the type of aroma, the number of sticks and the temperature of the room where they are.

For their best preservation, it is necessary to turn the sticks every week and place them in places where there is electricity, under air condition or on a radiator.


The flavoring solvent is produced from the renewable source of the soybean. It is completely biodegradable, non-flammable, does not burden the marine environment and is non-toxic to humans and animals.

It evaporates completely and does not leave an unpleasant metallic smell.

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