Little Secrets Less Stress Skin Wellbeing Candle


Innovative therapeutic and moisturizing wax.

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Release your spirit and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with offers the LESS STRESS SKIN WELLBEING CANDLE. The unique combination of aromatic oils from lavender, Sage, and cedar will give you calming and detoxifying energy.

It is an innovative therapeutic, moisturizing wax made from a blend of 4different beneficial plant oils that while melting create a unique sense of well-being and detoxification to the skin. It is completely safe to use as the temperature of the wax does not exceed 39 degrees and absolutely safe for the skin. While the wax melts, we apply the mixture to the skin by massaging and due to the heat the beneficial ingredients penetrate the skin.

The wicks are cotton, do not contain lead or other metals and offer clean combustion without soot emissions.
Their containers are reusable since they are easily cleaned with warm water and soap.

They do not contain paraffin or other petroleum products.

Little Secrets is a Greek brand. Offers natural, healthy, Greek scented soy candles.


we recommend the use of SKIN WELLBEING CANDLE in “pulse points” to enjoy maximum results. The “ pulse points” that is, where we have a pulse are the hottest points of the body and make the fragrance more holistic. These are the inside of the elbows, behind the knees, at the ankles and behind the ears – the hottest parts of our body.

How to use

Light the wick the first time you use the candle, let it burn for at least two hours. This will help your candle burn more evenly next time. Before lighting your candle, cut the wick. This way you help the candle to burn more slowly and without giving off the black smoke.

Security: never leave a lit candle unattended. This could be a fire hazard. Always place your candle on a heat-resistant surface away from fabric. Do not place your candle on a marble or glass surface. If the bottom of the glass is hot and comes into contact with a cold material, the glass may break.

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