Necklace with hanging element P20A Mini Dougeni


Women’s necklace.

Handmade jewelry with silver chain in black color. The pendant, made of gold plated silver, has a semicircular shape and embossed folds. The central gold-plated gemstone gives the jewelry a classic glamor, which creates a beautiful contrast with the series of hematite gemstones.

A creation of the designer Mini Dougeni.

Tip: A unique jewelry, rich in textures and contrasts that captivates the eyes.

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Handmade jewelry gilded with 925 silver made in Greece.

Original, unique, impressive necklaces made of metal, silver, gold plated, with semi-precious stones. Modern and timeless designs that should not be missing from your jewelry collection – Mini Dougeni

All jewelry is handmade and made with passion and love. They become the favorite items of your collection and are touches that complete your appearances over time.

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