Helleo Soap Honey & Thyme


Intensive moisturizing soap. Ideal for dry skin and hair.

Cretan and favorite handmade Helleo soaps made with 100% taste, love and extra virgin organic olive oil. Use on face and body for velvety skin.

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This soap, flooded by the aura of the village, completes the eternal work of the bee and with its own honey takes care of the beekeeper who worked for hours in the beehives. The rich moisturizing and emollient properties of honey, the antiseptic, astringent and antimicrobial properties of thyme and the mixture of essential oils relax and moisturize the skin.


Intensely moisturizing soap. Ideal for dry skin and hair


Organic olive oil, coconut oil, thyme extract, organic honey, essential oils: pine, lavender, rosemary

100% natural, from organic extra virgin olive oil of our own production and only pure raw materials . It is ecological,

100% biodegradable and produced in small batches at the Helleo laboratory in Heraklion, Crete.

Made with the cold method, the purest method of making natural cosmetics and matures naturally

for several months. In this way its beneficial ingredients remain unchanged so that the soap reaches the

consumer hands as pure as possible.

Helleo soap comes in six different combinations, suitable for all skin types and for use

on face, body and hair. At the same time, each combination is suitable for some specialized use, depending on

components of which it consists.

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