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We follow the latest beauty trends!

We offer eyebrow shaping services, eybrow shaping and coloring and brow lamination. For a disarming look, combine well-shaped eyebrows with a lash lift for long, curved eyelashes.

Trust us for your make up for your precious moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Meet our new service Make up Coaching and learn the essential techniques in order to create a quick and easy everyday makeup!

Make up Coaching

The right make up fill you with confidence, brightens your face, makes your face smile. Actually, there is no right and wrong! There are colours that suit match your skin tone and techniques that bring out your beautiful features better than others. These are the topics covered in Make up Coaching.

In our new service Make up Coaching, make up artist & brow expert Elpida Rodinou, shares her secrets to efficiently cover under eye circles, discoloration and other skin imperfections so that your eyes pop and your face looks fresh and young.
We recommend and source you with the products that fit just right to your skin tone and type, so that you create your everyday looks fast and easy.

Obtain the basic foundation to create your daily make up and smile with confidence!

Price: 50€


We bring out your most beautiful self, recommending the appropriate make up for each occasion.
Flawless and glamourous looks in social morning or evening appearances.

Unique and outstanding looks in your most special occasions, wedding and christening.

Elegant and subtle looks in professional engagements.
Specialized theatrical, commercial, photoshoot make up.

We pay personal attention in every look we create. All you have to do is to bring it to live with your smile!

Price: from 40€
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Eyebrow shape

Say hello to beautiful eyebrows!
Well-shaped eyebrows are rightfully one of the latest top beauty trends.

Eyebrows play a key role in completing the final image of any face, with or without makeup.
The ideal eyebrow shape changes the face instantly, emphasizing the eyes and giving intensity to the look.
With experience in thousands of eyebrow formations and hundreds of women who have trusted us every day for years, we insist on detail and create the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.
We use the latest techniques offering the possibility of obtaining well-shaped eyebrows even in cases where the natural eyebrows are damaged or almost non-existent.

Price Eybrow Shaping: €15
The perfect eyebrow shape for every face
Price Shape and eyebrow tinting: €25
Discretely enhanced eyebrows with full coverage of white hair

Brow Lamination

The latest brow trend that creates the impressive natural brows that you always wished to have!

Brow Lamination (aka Brow Lift) is the latest brow trend that offers full, fluffy, naturally, well-shaped eyebrows in line with your face characteristics and structure.

Restructures the hair, straightens and smoothes the eyebrows making them look thicker and more impressive!

Disciplines wild and unruly eyebrows while discreetly filling in the gaps in thin and irregular eyebrows. The service includes tint, eyebrow shaping and “locking” of the hair with a treatment that, based on research, achieves 24% thickening of the hair from the third application.

Brow Lamination is a non-invasive method with a results that last about 1 month and is achieved by using special lotions intended exclusively for this service.

Price: 48€

Lash Lift

The way to feel and look gorgeous!
Lash Lift is the latest trend regarding eyelashes that offers stunning, long, dense, curly eyelashes and captivating look, so that your natural eyelashes look their best! Offers the best version of your natural lashes!
Lash Lift conditions, nourishes and strengthens natural eyelashes while instantly lifting, enhancing them and makes them curly.
4 in 1 technique: lift, curl, tint, condition of natural eyelashes.
The service includes tint, eyebrow shaping and “locking” of the hair with a treatment that, based on research, achieves 24% thickening of the hair from the third application.
Lash Lift lasts long 6 to 8 weeks and no other maintenance is required.

Are you ready to enjoy the best version of your own lashes?

Pro tip: For a truly captivating look combine our eyebrow shaping with our eyelash services.

Price: 42€


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