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Holiday Glam

Holiday Glam

The approaching holidays take us out of the house and bring us closer to our loved ones. Laughter, joy and walks are the characteristics of the days we long for to come. The festive and happy mood is reflected in our appearance and especially in our face and makeup.

Glam up your look in 3 steps:

Smooth skin

Before applying the foundation on the face, it ensured maximum smoothing of the skin pores. Use thebanana blur primer after the moisturizing face cream, emphasizing the areas where the pores are more dilated, such as the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. You will see your skin visibly smoother and your foundation spread more evenly.

Complete the look with the Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation that offers great coverage and an extremely matte effect.

Shine and another shine

What better than the discreet gloss in the makeup that captures the light and highlights your cheekbones in a unique way? For the ultimate holiday glow, combine highlighter liquid and in powder form. Create glowing and radiant skin by applying a small amount of the liquid highlighter Liquid Lustre on the cheekbones and the places you want to project and then apply the foundation. For shine with greater intensity and three-dimensional effect after completing the facial makeup, apply highlighter in powder form from the Light Luster Trio Highlight palette on the cheekbones.

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Tip: use the Full Cover Matte Powder to “lock” the creamy products and switch to products with a powder texture.

Lipstick that does not leave you

Cocktails are good but you do not need to sacrifice the intensity of your lipstick. The velvet matte lip is the faithful ally you have always wanted. With a duration of 12 hours you can enjoy your drink and food and be sure that your lipstick will remain stable in place. The shade Dash is the must of the holidays!

Velvet matte long-wear liquid lip Dash

Velvet matte long-wear liquid lip Dash

Tip: apply the velvet matte lip with its special precision brush. Allow it to dry without dabbing and pressing the lips together.

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