Blue Scents

Blue Scents is a Greek complete cosmetic care line. It is based on the most dialectal and beneficial ingredients of Mediterranean nature, such as olive oil, grape extract, almond oil, Argan oil, aloe and essential oils. Everything joins forces with the aim of the deepest and most essential, care for the body and hair. Favorite and seductive aromas, such as peony, gardenia, violet, jasmine, mandarin, bergamot and pomegranate, flood our daily moments of care. Every time we choose a body shower gel, body lotion, eau de toilette, body mist Blue Scents, we choose products that have been inspired by nature for beautiful, healthy, relaxed skin and of course a better life.

Blue Scents body lotion has a rich composition enriched with olive oil of organic origin. It combines moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as panthenol, shea butter and herbs known for their antioxidant properties. Give your body the treatment it deserves and enjoy a sense of freshness and well-being.

Each Eau De Toilette Blue Scents was born blessed with floral notes from the Mediterranean and the world. Its purpose is to accompany you in your simplest or most special moments. Aura that enchants, charm in its most subtle and discreet version. A fragrance that emphasizes the uniqueness of the personality with a seductive power that is maintained over time.

Discover the wide range of Blue Scents products that also includes rich body cream with new composition, argan oil and space fragrances with stick for home and office.

All products are dermatologically tested, contain alcohol of plant origin, organic olive oil and are Parabens free, Silicone free, Mineral oil free, Propylene glycol free.

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